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Strata Inspections

Please note that a minimum 24 hours' notice is required for all strata inspections. This applies to all strata companies, private individuals and lot owners wishing to view an Owners Corporations files.

Private individuals will only be afforded access to a strata schemes files after lodging a letter of authority to search.  This must be signed by the owner(s) of the lot for which you are undertaking the search.

Before a lot owner undertakes a strata inspection they should first log on to the web portal (Home page). The information being sought may well be available there, thus saving the cost of the statutory charges for undertaking a strata inspection.

Inspections need to be booked no later than 10am if you are requiring to conduct your search the following day.  We will endeavour to accommodate your date and time request subject to availability.


The Strata Schemes Management Regulations 2016 sets the charges for a strata search as:

$31 and an additional $16 for each half-hour or part of half-hour after the first hour inspection.

The Australian Tax Office requires that GST be added to those amounts.

Note: All printing requests attract charges for evey copy requested.

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