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Our Objectives

At Platinum Strata Management we believe we are providing a service that you will find to be a refreshing approach to strata management.

This may be evidenced by:

  • The adopted view that we are an owner and approach our task with the view of maximising your property’s potential and maintaining a desirable living or working community site.
  • Guaranteed regular site visits as part of our service are undertaken with a view to monitoring such issues as service provider compliance and performance; by-laws compliance and general property maintenance issues. This additional service is complimentary to the owners corporations continual vigilance of their property.
  • We adopt a flexible view to office hours in which to conduct owners corporation meetings with the aim to maximising lot owner participation.
  • After hours Emergency Service calls taken by a staff member who will have access to the details of your strata plans service providers.
  • A philosophy of providing a level of service we would expect to receive as an owner.
  • Restricting the number of strata plans any strata manager is asked to manage.
  • We aim to build a close working relationship with the strata committee and the owners corporation.
  • We are willing to work with your current service providers given that your owners corporation is satisfied with their level of service.
  • Platinum Strata Management staff conducing site inspections will be easily identifiable as it is company policy to wear highly visible photographic identity name tags.

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